Unique scavenger hunt activities for your mice events & incentives in the centre of Malaga

Elevate your incentive company trip to Malaga with our expertly crafted and customizable scavenger hunt group activities. Immerse your team in an innovative and original team-building event located in the heart of Malaga, at the vibrant Costa del Sol. Our professional designs ensure a unique experience, making your journey unforgettable. Join us for a one-of-a-kind adventure that promises both fun and valuable incentives. Explore the city like never before and create lasting memories with our tailored scavenger hunt experiences.

Mice in Malaga – inspire employees

Discover unparalleled experiences with City Adventures Málaga, the foremost organizer of tailor-made, high-quality group and team-building activities in the historic city center of Malaga.

We specialize in crafting engaging activities centered around the Adventure-Treasure Hunt concept, ensuring an innovative and memorable experience for your incentive events. Trust us to elevate your team-building initiatives in the captivating surroundings of Malaga, making your corporate gatherings truly exceptional.


Embark on a distinctive journey with our engaging and interactive City Treasure Hunt (The Original) and Mystery Murder Challenge, tailored for exclusive group activities that seamlessly blend treasure hunting, sightseeing, cultural immersion, and team building in Malaga.

As your team delves into the experience, they will unravel puzzles, conquer challenges, and foster unity while exploring the hidden treasures of Málaga. Elevate your corporate event with these unforgettable MICE activities that promise both excitement and valuable 1.3 Team building activities team-building outcomes.

Embark on our dynamic Company Activities in Malaga, where larger groups (up to 130 persons) seamlessly transform into smaller teams of 4-7 individuals. Engage in an invigorating and enjoyable City Scavenger Hunt, armed with cutting-edge GPS devices and an exciting adventure kit. Teams navigate through our breathtaking Andalusian city, tackling challenging tasks and solving puzzles along the way.

Cap off your team-building adventure in Malaga with a memorable finale – a collective gathering at the final station. Here, teams discover their personalized treasure chests, and we orchestrate a brief yet impactful award ceremony.

Additionally, explore exclusive options to tailor your Malaga experience:

  • Customized treasure books (Company name, corporate design, special team names, photos…)
  • Extra stop for short team building games
  • Individual start and finish point in the city centre
  • Digital photo album of your activity

# We all can WORK,
but together we WIN

Itinerary of your incentive activity

Your outdoor mice event consists of three parts.

1. Meeting the group

Embark on your MICE-focused team-building journey, commencing at your chosen location (whether it’s Plaza de la Constitución, a hotel, restaurant, etc.). Our meticulously planned activity unfolds with a comprehensive introduction, material instructions, team formation, and the distribution of adventure kits featuring special GPS compasses and treasure books. Set the stage for an immersive and engaging incentive experience that blends seamlessly with your chosen venue in Malaga.

20 min

2. Scavenger Hunt Tour in the historical centre

Embark on an enticing treasure hunt as your MICE-focused incentive teams venture into the winding alleys of Malaga. Engage in an immersive experience, solving enjoyable puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. This unique activity encourages teams to connect, fostering camaraderie while collecting memorable experiences that enhance your incentive event in Malaga.

90 – 120 min

3. Award ceremony

Conclude your memorable MICE-focused team-building activity in Malaga within the enchanting gardens of the renowned cathedral. Our expertly trained adventure guides will warmly welcome all groups at the final destination, prompting them for the secret code to unlock their treasure chests brimming with typical Málaga treats for everyone. Elevate the experience further by incorporating an optional award ceremony at the grand finale. Immerse your team in a captivating conclusion that combines camaraderie, discovery, and indulgence in the heart of Malaga.

about 15 min

“We had quite a large group (90 people!) travelling from all over the world, and Matthias and team made our treasure hunt absolutely perfect.
If you’re in Málaga, I highly recommend starting your stay with this fabulous treasure hunt. You’ll see great sights of the city that only a local can provide. Moreover, the treasure hunt is incredibly intriguing and keeps you completely engaged the whole time. I am so glad we did this!!

Rachael, TripAdvisor


2 – 130 persons
(More participants upon request)


2 – 3 hours
(Can be adjusted on request)


  €25 per person
(special group discounts available on request)


Options of individualization
Team building games
Personalized treasure books etc.

MICE & Incentive Lab Malaga

As trailblazers in urban GPS adventures within Málaga, Spain, and the Costa del Sol, we stand at the forefront of providing unparalleled experiences.

Whether your goal is to energize, motivate, inspire, or entertain your team, our activities promise substantial benefits.

Since the inception of City Adventures Málaga, we have consistently crafted memorable, vibrant, and innovative group activities, as well as motivational team-building events in the heart of Malaga.

We pride ourselves on being original, proven, professional, and passionate about our work. Our mission is to assist you in experiencing a cohesive activity concept that leaves a lasting impression.

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