Experience the number one Team Treasure Hunt in Málaga!

Get out and explore Málaga with our Unique Corporate GPS Treasure Hunt Team Building Event! We organize your memorable and innovative Treasure Hunt Group Activity for your Incentive Company Trip to Malaga.

Experience Malaga – inspire employees

Our playful and interactive City Treasure Hunt (The Original) is an exclusive group activity, combining treasure hunting, sights, culture and team building in Malaga.
Your team will solve puzzles, complete challenges and grow together, whilst exploring the hidden treasures of Málaga. Equipped with a modern GPS compass and an exiting adventure kit, the teams are solving challenging tasks and puzzles, whilst exploring this stunning Andalusian city. At the end of the team building activity in Malaga, all the teams meet at the final station, where they find their personal treasure chests and celebrate a short award ceremony.

The activity is designed to stimulate creativity, communication, and encourage participants to work together towards a common goal. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to discover hidden gems and learn about the city’s fascinating history.

# We all can WORK,
but together we WIN


2 – 130 persons
(More participants upon request)


2 – 3 hours
(Can be adjusted on request)


  €25 per person
(special group discounts available on request)


Options of individualization
Team building games
Personalized treasure books etc.

“We had quite a large group (90 people!) travelling from all over the world, and Matthias and team made our treasure hunt absolutely perfect.
If you’re in Málaga, I highly recommend starting your stay with this fabulous treasure hunt. You’ll see great sights of the city that only a local can provide. Moreover, the treasure hunt is incredibly intriguing and keeps you completely engaged the whole time. I am so glad we did this!!

Rachael, TripAdvisor

Itinerary of your team building activity

Your outdoor team event consists of three parts.

1. Meeting the group

Your team building activity will start in the agreed place (Plaza de la Constitución, hotel, restaurant, etc ) with an introduction, instructions of the material, splitting into teams and handing out the adventure kits (special GPS compass and treasure book).

20 min

2. Treasure Hunt Tour in the historical centre

The treasure hunt is on. The teams are off on their own, wandering the winding alleys of Malaga, solve fun puzzles and search for hidden clues throughout, whilst connecting and collecting memorable experiences with each other.

90 – 120 min

3. Award ceremony

Your unforgettable team building activity in Malaga will finish in the magical gardens of the famous cathedral. Our professional trained adventure guides will welcome all groups at the final, where they will be asked for the secret code to open their treasure chest, filled up with typical Málaga treats for everyone. It is also possible to include an award ceremony at the final.

about 15 min

Immersive Team Treasure Hunt

We are the leader in organizing customized and high quality Treasure Hunt Activities in the historical city centre of Malaga. No generic tablet tours here – it’s all about authenticity and hands-on fun! Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Handcrafted Experience
    Immerse yourself in a hand crafted Group Treasure Hunt designed for exploration, fun and engagement.
  • Unplug and Play
    Leave your smartphones behind and disconnect. Our treasure hunt encourages genuine interactions and a break from digital distractions
  • Málaga Tailored Hunt
    Embark on a journey filled with small challenges that get you in touch with Málaga and it’s hidden treasures. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Expert Guidance
    Fully hosted by one of The Málaga City Adventures team members
  • Team Bonding
    Compete in small teams of 5-8 and make lasting memories. Strengthen bonds and foster teamwork as you collaborate to solve clues and unravel mysteries together. It’s a shared experience like no other.
  • Grand Finale Celebration
    Wrap up the day with a lively celebration, where each team opens their personal treasure chest (Prizes included)
  • Value and Affordability
    Enjoy exceptional value with prices starting at just 25€ per person for groups of 4-120 or more

Adventure Lab Malaga

We are the leading pioneers of urban GPS adventures in Málaga/ Spain at the Costa del Sol.

Whether your priority is to energize, motivate, inspire or entertain your team, our activities will deliver a great benefit.

Since we started our company City Adventures Málaga we created memorable, vibrant and innovative group activities and motivational team building events in centre of Malaga.

We’re original, proven, professional and passionate about our work and love helping you to experience a coherent activity concept.

Tried & Tested by hundreds of companies

This is the ultimate team building event – voted the BEST team activity around!

We get teams social, active, and most importantly having fun.

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