Best Tapas Bars in Malaga

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The Andalusia region has a lot to offer, including tasty food, stunning beaches, and traditional events. Málaga is the largest city on Spain’s Costa del Sol which attracts all kinds of tourists far and wide throughout the year.

As well as culture, history, and free art exhibitions, Málaga is also home to a variety of tapas treasures, and with so many places to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. This is why we’ve put together a list of some must-see tapas bars in and around the Historical Centre of Málaga. 


The 5 Best Tapas Bars In Malaga

1. El Pimpi

What was once a local hidden gem for residents has now become a busy restaurant serving authentic food and Spanish wine in Málaga. El Pimpi has a delicious range of tapas and Andalusian dishes consisting of meat, fish, and high-quality ingredients. Whether it’s a bite to eat or fine dining on your agenda, this restaurant can cater to all ages and any occasion.

Because of its increasing popularity and tremendous reputation, El Pimpi is bustling with food goers every night of the week. Its central location makes it easy to find and worth the wait if you’re looking for some of the best food and wine Málaga has to offer. If you find yourself on our Treasure Hunt, you may even be tempted to stop at El Pimpi to sample some of their delicacies. 

Calle Granada 62, 29015 Málaga, Spain

2. La Tranca

A very welcoming and lively tapas bar in Málaga is La Tranca. Situated on the edge of the historic centre, it’s just a few minutes walk from most destinations and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With friendly staff and wholesome food, there’s no better way to soak up the Spanish bar culture. 

La Tranca is decorated with old objects and vintage posters and has a cosy and homely feel to it. Their mouth-watering tapas dishes are perfect for sharing and go down well with a caña or glass of vermouth. 

Calle Carretería 92, 29008 Málaga

3. Casa Lola

A legendary eatery in the heart of the city is Casa Lola. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients for its deliciously creative dishes which is what brings people back for more. Their famous tapas is both appetising and affordable and includes vegetarian options. 

It’s a mandatory stop for most visitors and you will often see people waiting outside for a table. From jamón ibérico to delightful pinchos, it’s the ideal place to go for a bite to eat and experience the Spanish way of life. All of our adventures finish near the cathedral, which is just around the corner from this must-visit tapas bar. 

Calle Granada 46, 29015 Málaga

4. La Casa Del Perro

One of our favourite places to stop for food is La Casa Del Perro. It’s a pleasant restaurant with lovely staff and many flavoursome tapas dishes to choose from. Their healthy and imaginative food is simply fantastic and the menu includes several vegan options. 

The animal-friendly establishment has a lovely selection of natural wines, all of which are at an affordable price. The homely feel and amazing attention to detail will have you planning your next visit before the bill is paid. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s just a stone’s throw away from what we call, “The Diagon Alley Of Málaga,” where visitors can explore the small streets of the historic centre. 

Calle Hernán Ruiz 7, 29008 Málaga

5. El Tapeo De Cervantes

El Tapeo De Cervantes gives guests a Spanish gourmet experience in a traditional setting. The restaurant serves Mediterranean and Spanish food with a modern twist on seafood and meat-based dishes. With some plates available in three different sizes, you can have a full meal or sample many tapas treats. 

Whatever the occasion, if you’re craving a well-deserved caña or glass of wine, El Tapeo De Cervantes is the perfect place to take a break in Málaga. It’s just up the road from Teatro Cervantes, one of ten locations you will come across on the Málaga City Adventures Treasure hunt

Calle Cárcer 8, 29012 Málaga

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Our staff know the best Tapas Bars in Malaga, on and off the beaten tourist track. Just ask us after your Treasure Hunt or contact us here.

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While the Andalusia region has a lot to offer, including food, water sports, and annual traditions, Málaga is home to many tapas treasures. Wine, beer, and vermouth have place here and many can be found on the heart of the city. 

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