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New Year’s Eve, or “Nochevieja,” is a time of celebration and reflection in Spain, as people come together to ring in the new year and say goodbye to the old one. Here are some of the traditional ways that New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Malaga:


Our 5 favourite New Year’s Eve Traditions in Malaga

1. Twelve Grapes


One of the most famous New Year’s Eve traditions in Malaga and Spain is the “Twelve Grapes,” or “Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte.” At the stroke of midnight, people in Spain eat a grape for each chime of the clock, making a wish for each month of the new year. This tradition is said to bring good luck for the coming year.

2. Fireworks and parties


New Year’s Eve is a time for fireworks, parties, and celebration in Spain. Cities and towns throughout the country host large public events featuring live music, dancing, and fireworks displays. Many people also gather with friends and family to celebrate at home, and it is common for people to stay up late to ring in the new year.

3. New Year’s Eve dinner

Friends having dinner together

In Malaga, New Year’s Eve is a time for families to come together and enjoy a special meal. Many people in Malaga enjoy a traditional feast of roast lamb or pork, as well as vegetables and desserts like turrón, a type of nougat made with almonds and honey. Luckily, we already shared with you our chosen places for the best tapas in Malaga and our favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

4. New Year’s Day celebrations

People attending a mass

On New Year’s Day, many people in Malaga attend Mass and visit with friends and family. It is also common for people to exchange gifts and well wishes for the new year. In the evening, people may attend a “Cotillon,” or fancy dress party, where people dress up in costumes and masks and dance the night away.

5. El Año Viejo

Burning effigies

Another New Year’s Eve tradition in Spain is “El Año Viejo,” or “The Old Year.” On New Year’s Eve, people in some parts of Spain create effigies of the “Old Year” in the form of a man or woman made out of old clothes and stuffed with straw or newspaper. At midnight, the effigies are burned, symbolizing the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. This tradition is meant to bring good luck and purify the community for the coming year.

Overall, New Year’s Eve in Malaga is a time of celebration and reflection, filled with rich traditions and cultural events that bring people together and help to ring in the new year. Whether you’re participating in the “Twelve Grapes” tradition, attending a party or fireworks display, or enjoying a special meal with loved ones, there are plenty of ways to experience the excitement of New Year’s Eve in Malaga.

New Year’s Adventure

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